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My name is Stephanie Marie, I'm a 25-year-old fitness model & business owner/trainer at Hybrid Fitness-OC in Irvine, Ca.

I am so happy to have the opportunity to inspire you!! This journey has been long for me, but it's been beyond worth it. That's why I want you to learn a little more about me, because I want to continue to use my passion to motivate others & help people achieve their fitness goals. I know how hard it is to take on change. To challenge your body & mind whether it's to loose weight, tone up or build mass. You have to push yourself hard & it's not easy. But let me tell you... In the end its triumphantly rewarding. A lot of people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. I have a ton of "bad days" where I'm exhausted, I don't feel like going to the gym or put in the effort to eat clean, a lot of times I have pretty sever stomach pain. 8years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. It takes a huge toll on my body, not just stomach pain, but loss of appetite, fatigue, malabsorption of nutrients, low immune system. I've learned with having Crohn's I can have multiple flare ups a year... which land me in the hospital. Stress is the number one factor in causing flare ups & lifting not only allows my body to relive stress but build a stronger physique in which I feel more confident to push through my hard days. It's so rewarding to look in the mirror & see all the work you've put in, actually pays off!! That's why I’m so excited about this opportunity allowing you to learn more! A lot of people have aches, pains, negative self image, disease, sickness, injury, work gets in the way, the list could go on. Everyone has something holding them back. But the point is to find a way to push past that threshold & learn what you really are capable of.

I've learned so much more about myself & have over come a lot of ongoing challenges during my fit journey. Growing up in rural southern Oregon, while being homeschooled, I didn't have much as a kid. I was extremely shy, so at 16 I stayed with another family to nanny their 3 kids while saving every penny of my earnings. I wanted to get out of that small town as soon as I turned 18! I was always into fitness; running track, playing soccer & surfing. That's what drew my soul to California. When I graduated high school I purchased my first car, packed it to the brim with all my belongings & started my trek south finding myself in Laguna Beach. I got an amazing opportunity managing a private trainer based fitness studio right across the street from the beach! That’s where my true passion for fitness took off. This is when I was diagnosed with Crohn's.. I was underweight & really skinny continuing to run about 8-10 miles a day & lifting 5lb Dumbbells keeping what I thought a "model" body. I did print/ fashion modeling quite a bit at that time so I didn't think having muscles would look good on me. I was intimidated by lifting heavy. With that being said my Doctor told me if I didn't gain control over my health & add more calories in my diet I'd continue to get more flare ups with my Crohn's which can cause more complications. But, being in the environment at the private fitness studio, I saw a ton of older people coming into the gym to train with the owner & it was so inspiring to see how beautiful the "old" women were & how many lives changed from reaching their fitness goals. It made me so hungry to teach people, how to feel amazing in their own skin. It's so much more than sticking to a diet or getting "muscles" it's about learning balance & being confident with your idea of fit. That's why I started hybrid fitness- OC.

The past 8 years have been an amazing experience full of opportunity I never imagined. I came from a tiny town in Oregon, decided to take control of my health and hope to inspire others along the way. I have found my passion & purpose; To teach people balance of a fit lifestyle & believe in themselves, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! All you need for your journey, is true passion & love for what you do.

Stephanie Marie

Fitness Model | Trainer

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